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Logistics is the key element for the effective supply chain management. Efficient logistics services assure goods are delivered in a timely manner and customers remain happy. As an industry, logistics faces many challenges. MetroMax Solutions gives customers the type of CUSTOMER SERVICE that they expect and need from their logistics provider.

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The constant battle for cheaper prices and faster delivery times has placed immense pressure on organizations within the sector. The industry has been adapting to the changing landscape of retail by finding new ways, like innovation and efficiency.

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MetroMax well defined and customized LTL freight logistics solutions (Core and Support) are designed to enhance the efficiency of your supply chain, while also delivering substantial cost reductions.


MetroMax air freight logistics BPO service offerings enable your business to focus on your core business operations. Our efficient freight document processing services serve to boost your business efficiency.


With a wide range of core and supporting logistics solutions for the ocean shipping industry, MetroMax Solutions focuses on enhancing your organization and providing you with a competitive edge.


MetroMax offers complete railway logistics BPO services that cover both core and supporting processes. They serve to enhance the efficiency of business processes and lead to significant cost savings.

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